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 The discomfort that degenerative diseases may cause isn't the only thing that bothers you. Many current measures do not help, and at times, can actually cause more harm. Surgery is extremely invasive, and may cause irreparable injury to the tissues around the problem regions. The use of medication can be addictive. The effects of it can diminish over time. Higher dosages have less impact on the body as it adapts. Although physical therapy might aid in moving more comfortably, it won't cure degenerative disease pain.

 These "solutions" although they solve the root problem they can only be utilized by those who perform extremely specific and complex jobs. Regenerative medicine is the best chance for people seeking long-lasting, efficient outcomes.

 Kobe Bryant & PRP

 Kobe Bryant, the basketball legend, was one example. At the peak of Bryant's career He began to experience pain due to his physical demands. Bryant decided to explore Regenerative therapy to alleviate the ever-growing discomfort. It was reported that Bryant had been flying to Germany regularly in 2013, to pursue a form for regenerative therapy called Platelet Rich Plasma. The basketball player had not only sustained several injuries throughout his career, but the player was suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee, a common issue for professional athletes.

 Bryant flew into Germany to undergo the easy outpatient procedure. The first step was to extract Bryant's blood. Blood is naturally full of the essential substances that our bodies utilize to repair damaged tissue but by extracting and concentrating it, the regenerative effects of the blood are enhanced. Following the processing of Bryant's blood, doctors made use of special instruments and then took it to the exact spot in Bryant the area where degeneration was taking place. In this instance, Bryant had his knees.

 PRP took effect immediately. Bryant could heal damaged tissue by injecting plasma. The micro-environment then signalled the body to deliver raw material to Bryant's knee, where it provided a sort of scaffolding for the materials to latch onto and then become damaged tissue. Bryant's surgery was successful and he was allowed to return to his team.

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